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What's the Magic Inside of OOLI?

What's the Magic Inside of OOLI?


There’s a different story behind everyone’s loc journey. Maybe you spent years admiring dope, beautiful locs, or maybe you felt an urge for something new. Either way, your loc journey is a personal journey. And we’re sure you only want the healthiest products to nourish your hair from root to tip. Right? That’s just one reason why we’re spilling the tea about the magic inside of OOLI’s products.

We love being transparent about the ingredients that are fused into our hair care line. Let’s get into it! 


OOLI’s shampoos are more than just a great lather-up experience. Once all the suds are gone, you’re left with happier locs thanks to these ingredients: 

Lavandula Angustifolia - Beyond the calming smell of lavender, Lavandula Angustifolia, transforms your locs in terms of hair growth. You’ll also be amazed by the thickness of your hair when using products like OOLI’s Clarify Your Main Clarifying Shampoo and Cleanse Your Mane Natural Shampoo that both contain Lavandula Angustifolia. 

Chamomilla Recutita - Nope! We’re not talking about the chamomile tea here.  We’re talking about something yummier - for your hair of course! This refreshing oil gives your locs the strength it needs for healthy growth. Our Clarify Your Main Clarifying Shampoo and Cleanse Your Mane Natural Shampoo both include Chamomilla Recutita. 


Grape Seed Oil - We must warn you about grape seed oil. Beware of drastic changes in your locs when you start using products with this soothing oil. Not only does grape seed oil add shine to your locs, but it also helps you maintain a healthy scalp, moisture, and it reduces breakage. OOLI’s popular Magic 17 Hair & Scalp Oil contains grape seed oil. Magic 17 Hair & Scalp Oil is a magical treat for your locs. By the way, our Magic 17 Hair & Scalp Oil was named the Best Multitasking Oil by Oprah Magazine in 2020. That’s just one more sweet reason to try it for yourself!  Aloe Vera - Aloe Vera has been around for ages! That’s just one reason why it’s trusted globally! To start, aloe vera literally brings any dead skin cells on your scalp back to life. 

This, of course, helps you maintain a healthy scalp that fights dandruff and increases hair growth. Aloe Vera also helps your locs shine! You’ll find this to be true while using OOLI’S Loc’d & Loaded Loc Gel. It’s packed with aloe vera to give your locs the ultimate shine you’re looking for. These are just a few of the nourishing ingredients that our #OOLICREW love so much!  With a little consistency, you’ll be loving them ALL. 

Pop in the comments to share if you plan to try any of the products mentioned.
We’d love to know! 

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