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How to Grow Healthy, Luxurious Locs

How to Grow Healthy, Luxurious Locs

Look, there’s no quick fix to long and luxurious locs. Around here, we like to make it clear that patience is a virtue when it comes to nourishing your locs past collar bone length. The results are quite satisfying! You know those locs that you’ve always dreamed of? Well, they’ll finally become a reality. To promote healthy growth of your dreadlocks you’ll want to start with: 

Eating Right 

Before your next grocery trip, make sure you’re including protein-rich foods on your list. Your locs are craving these foods! Stock up on eggs, which are not only protein-rich but they’re also packed with biotin, a vitamin that’s essential for hair growth. Spinach, berries, and fish are also yummy choices of protein for your hair.  Don’t forget to replenish your body with plenty of water for hair growth and keeping brittleness at bay. 


You already know just how beneficial exercise is for your overall health. Well, moving your body also has a big impact on your hair. When you commit to an exercise routine that works for your lifestyle, you’ll feel great from the inside out. Your routine could be as simple as daily walks or an at-home workout. Exercising is a key component in promoting your hair growth and improving blood flow circulation. 

Nourishing Your Locs 

Give your locs the nourishment it’s craving with nutrient-rich oils. Our #OOLICREW loves a good oil to massage in their scalp for blood circulation. OOLI’s Bless Your Locs Hair Oil is one of their favorites! This light oil is made with the richness of Jamaican Sorrel.  It’s packed with alpha-hydroxy acids, amino acids, and nutritious vitamins and minerals. If you’re curious about more of the best oils for your locs, check out our blog post “Discover the Best Dreadlock Oil to Nourish Your Locs.”  Inside of this blog post, you’ll get the deets on why the #OOLICREW loves Baobab Oil, Black Cumin Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, and MORE!

Protecting Your Locs 

Waking up with frizzy locs or annoying lint in your hair is a bit frustrating. Before turning in for the night, don’t forget to protect your dreadlocks. Grab a satin pillowcase or scarf to prevent any breakage, frizz, or lint from making its way into your dreadlocks. Getting ready in the morning or after a nap will be a breeze if you take these necessary steps. Hopefully, these tips are getting you excited about growing healthy, luxuriant locs. 

Here’s a quick tip for your hair growth journey:

  • Take photos of your hair in its different growth stages. 
  • When you document your journey, you’ll feel a bit more proud of your commitment and dedication. 

Now, cheers to healthy and vibrant growth!

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