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3 Easy Ways to Transition Into Locs or Dreadlocs

3 Easy Ways to Transition Into Locs or Dreadlocs

So, you’re thinking about making a BIG twist of changes in your hair care routine with locs? But you’re skeptical... Maybe you’re on the fence about natural hairstyles…We get it!

Transitioning into locs is an exciting journey that doesn’t require you sacrificing looking good in the process. If you’re up for the challenge, check out these tips to successfully transition to luxurious locs: 

Make a Commitment 

Locking your natural hair isn’t a light decision. 

And here is why: 

Once you fully transition, you’re loc’d up permanently (unless you decide to cut your hair later down the road). So, reflect on your “why” for making the big change. Secondly, transitioning to locs is a process. One day, you might wake up proud of your progress, while on another day you might feel a little stuck. The thing is, you must remember that transitioning your natural hair to dreadlocks is a journey you’ll never forget. After fully transitioning, your journey continues with the growth of your locs and the many styles that you may choose to rock. 

Find a Method That Works for You 

Listen, you don’t have to do the “big chop” if you don't want to. Besides the “big chop” you can transition with twists, before cutting any chemicals or straight hair. Braids are also a great choice!  Not only do you have these options, but you can also search for a quality loctician to help you along the way. Be sure to start with clean, fresh hair with either method. 

Lathering up with OOLI’S Cleanse Your Main Natural Shampoo or Clarify Your Mane Clarifying Shampoo instantly gets the job done. The natural ingredients inside both of these shampoos are essential for hydrating and promoting hair growth. You can easily restore dry or dehydrated hair by following up with our LOC’D IN Leave-in Conditioner.  Black Cumin Oil and Silk Amino Acid are the star players for this all natural leave-in conditioner. The Black Cumin Oil prevents hair thinning, while the Silk Amino Acid strengthens your locs. 

Be Patient 

Before you start envying all the stunning locs that you scroll across on Instagram or Pinterest do this one thing:

Have patience.

Your natural hair won’t transition into locs overnight. Just like everything, patience is a virtue! The key is to be intentional every day about your hair care routine. So, don’t get antsy and start over manipulating your hair, when you don’t see results right away. This only adds stress to your transitioning locs, delaying the process a bit longer. Over manipulating your hair also causes breakage and stunts your hair growth. OOLI has you covered if you’re serious about nourishing our locs to perfection. Our best-selling Bless Up Your Locs Hair Oil is a sure-fire way to prevent hair breakage, while reducing itchy and dry scalp, reducing split ends, and restoring damaged hair. Bless Up Your Locs Hair Oil also brings radiant shine to dull hair!

Your Results Are Worth the Wait 

Before you know it, you’ll be in love with your flowing locs. Tell us, are you currently transitioning to dreadlocks? Or are you thinking of transitioning to locs?Drop in the comments to share.

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