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The Loc Community Needs A Hair Regimen Too!

The Loc Community Needs A Hair Regimen Too!


It is fair to say that one of the most frequently asked questions when considering starting your loc journey is, “What should I use to maintain my locs?”. Unfortunately, the typical answer to this question is so broad that it can deter inquiring minds from beginning their loc journey. Our hair is so closely tied to how we identify ourselves, so when it comes to trying something new, a regimen that meets all our needs is a must. The ideal hair care regimen for anyone usually contains a shampoo/cleanser,  conditioner, leave-in conditioner, styling product (ie, gel, mousse, or custard), and the ingredients may vary. These products, found in many hair care lines, are staples in natural hair care for all hair types, EXCEPT LOCS.  

When it comes to creating a hair care regimen for your locs, I’ve found myself compromising alot more than I would like to in the past. One product from a line may work, but the rest are off limits due to various reasons. Most people with loose strand hair can simply wash out any product they apply to their hair without issues of getting all of the product out.  While on the other hand, individuals with locs should steer clear of products that leave residue or create build up, because cleansing is not only less frequent, but also our hair is loc’d and will hold on to product even after a deep cleanse which could hinder the locking process.  For someone with locs, especially young locs, our shampoo, and conditioner options are extremely slim.

People with locs should use products that are water soluble, which simply means products which are easy to rinse out. The majority of water soluble products have mostly, if not all, natural ingredients, hence the extensive collection of “DIY Loc Products” videos on Youtube. You can usually purchase all the raw ingredients mentioned on Amazon, or at your local grocery store IF YOU HAVE THE TIME. Unfortunately, most of us with busy lives do not have the time to sit down, and build an at home hair lab to create products that we can use. We want to be able buy all the products we need with all of the best ingredients for our locs in one place at one time, and Ooli Beauty is providing just that for all the loc’d kings, and queens. 


  1. Wash your hair with the “Cleanse Your Mane” Natural Shampoo. This shampoo contains contains aloe vera for moisturization while leaving zero build-up.

  1. Rehydrate your locs with the “Loc’d In” Leave-In Conditioner. This product contains shea butter and will restore natural moisture.

  1. Retwist, and style your locs using the “Loc’d & Loaded” Loc Gel. This is an aloe vera based gel that provides a strong hold, without flaking or product build up.

  1. Seal Everything in with the “Magic 17” Hair & Scalp Oil. This mixture contains 17 natural oils to “moisturize, heal, and protect against damage.”

  1. Lastly, use the “Loc’d in Love” Hair Frangrance to give your locs a refreshing smell. This step is optional, but highly reccomend if you like your hair to smell better than everyone elses!

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