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Embracing the Journey - The Four Stages of Locs/Dreadlocks

Embracing the Journey - The Four Stages of Locs/Dreadlocks

Considering embarking on a journey of self-expression and natural beauty through the art of locs is a major decision. There are many who have chosen to take this path and have had to learn to embrace the journey that locing your hair brings you through. It's an  empowering way to celebrate your cultural heritage and personal style, but the journey is not always linear.

Every stage of locing your hair has it's own set of experiences. The journey of locs is not just about the end result. It's also about embracing each stage along the way. From the humble beginnings of starter locs to the full maturity of your locs, every stage offers its own set of shifts and lessons.

Let's review the four stages of locs and celebrate the beauty of this process!

Starter Locs/Baby Locs:

The starter loc stage marks the initiation of your loc journey. It's a time of anticipation that requires patience as you watch your hair transform into individual expressions of you. From twisting to freeforming, there are various methods to start your locs, each with its own unique experience. Embrace the dedication required during this stage as your locs begin to take shape and you learn new ways to care for your crown. Experiment and discover as you find what works best for your hair and lifestyle.

Teenage Locs

As your starter locs start to grow, you enter the teenage/maturation stage. Your locs become more defined and start to develop their unique personality. They become more resilient to unravelling and get adjusted to its new life as locs. Nurturing and keeping up with maintenance is important during this time to train your hair to how you would like it to present itself. A consistent loc care routine, moisturizing, and retwisting are especially essential at this point of your loc journey. Take the time to bond with your locs and embrace the journey of self-discovery.

Adult Locs

Congratulations! Your locs have now fully formed, reaching their desired length and thickness. At this stage, your locs are fully matured and well-formed, reflecting the dedication and care you've invested in them. The best part of this stage is maintaining the health of them and deciding if you would like to spice them up with different styles and colors. By now, they exude the patience, confidence and strength you've put into them over the years.

Elder Locs

The wisdom of elder locs! Time, patience and experience has been invested into your crown. By now, your locs have grown longer and thicker, showcasing your testimony of resilience. At this point of the journey, you are a wiz at maintaining your locs, including the dos and don'ts to protect them! The elder loc stage is when you can truly embrace your unique path to get to this level of authenticity and self-expression. You should share your experience with the world!

Each stage offers its own set of joys, challenges, and lessons, shaping not only your hair but also your sense of self. Embrace the journey, celebrate your unique beauty, and remember that the true essence of locs lies in the love and care you give them.


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