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Benefits of Locing Your Hair

Benefits of Locing Your Hair

When it comes to considering a hair style that is timeless, locs are absolutely high on that list. Locs are one of the most beautiful and unique styles you can ever do to your hair and for good reason—No one's locs are alike! Despite popular opinion, you can actually do whatever you want with your locs. Styles have long evolved over time to be just as versatile as having unloc'd hair. Now, you can no longer use versatility as an excuse to not start your loc journey now!


Take a look at the top reasons you should consider loc journey ASAP!

Low Maintenance

Depending on the loc type you’re going for, you really don’t have to do too much to your locs apart from keeping them maintained. While it’s not a bad idea to keep your roots tidy and retwisted to prevent unwanted matting and buildup, it’s not mandatory. Wearing your hair in its natural dreadlock state is a style in itself.

Natural Look

If you really want an au natural look that can literally be done just about any type of hair, dreadlocks are the way to go. It’s probably the one hairstyle that is not confined to a certain gender or ethnic group. Not only are you embracing your natural beauty, you're also expressing your personal individuality through your hair. Locs look great on everyone, but you'll always only look like your natural, beautiful self!

Saves Money

For those who get fades or extensions and perms, you will be pleasantly surprised with the amount of money that you’ll be saving by choosing to loc your hair. Because you'll only be getting your hair retwisted ever so often, you’ll be saving your $40-$100 every 2 weeks. Having locs is a different maintenance process, which means you get to keep some of your coins by getting your hair done less often!


Let’s take the time to appreciate the versatility of locs. The beauty of locs is that the hair is naturally parted several different ways depending on which method you choose. You can curl, dye, fade, braid and pin up your locs however you please! Locs are just as versatile as having your hair unloc'd. So when you see a cute style someone has with out locs, do some research to see how you can achieve that look, as well!

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