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4 Starter Loc Methods To Begin Your Loc Journey

4 Starter Loc Methods To Begin Your Loc Journey

Deciding to take the leap and start your loc journey isn't as simple as it sounds. There's so much to consider—size, maintenance, color, cost, work. It can easily become overwhelming to make a decision, delaying your crown's new journey. Well, let's help you out with a starting point: What type of locs do you want? There are several different ways to start your loc journey, but we've simplified it down to four common ways to start.

Check out these different types of starter loc styles and see which fits you best:

Traditional Locs

Traditional locs are what are what you have seen for many years on some of your faves. To name a few, Wale, Ava DuVernay, and Pinky, CEO of Slutty Vegan. Traditional locs are typically maintained with some sort of even parting and palm rolling. They are medium to large in size. It's pretty simple to maintain–Keep moisturized and retwist once your new growth has grown wild.


Sisterlocks are a smaller, finer version of traditional locs. Some familiar faces we have known to have sister locs were Lupita Nyongo and Giovannie Samuels. They're uniform and the parts are in a precise grid pattern. They are a work of art and do require more frequent—and a bit more expensive— care. A proper moisture technique is imperative to reduce the risk of breakage.

Comb Coils

Comb coils are fun because your hair doesn't necessarily need to be a particular length to start your loc journey. A famous face we've seen with a variation of comb coils is Isaiah Washington in our favorite, classic movie 'Love Jones.' They're springy and playful and super easy to start with either a comb or your fingers. You can either keep them maintained by giving them a little touch-up twist here and there or let them do their own thing!

Freeform Locs or DreadLocks

Freeform locs are a literal depiction of what it says. Some of our faves like Bob Marley, J. Cole, and Jay-Z rock their freeform locs with pride. This version of locs is all about allowing your hair to let its personality shine and letting your hair express itself the way it wants to. There's very little routine maintenance and no one set way to start this journey. The less manipulation, the better.

Any of these methods have you wanting to start your loc journey now? Let us know which one you're thinking of going with!

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