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4 Powerful Hair Ingredients found in OOLI

Sorrel, aloe, black hair

So, you’re probably wondering “What’s REALLY in OOLI Beauty’s products?” 

Well, we don’t have just one secret sauce…

We have several powerful ingredients that make your locs pop with shine and strength. 

Curious to know what they are? 

Of course, you are! 

Here are the deets: 

Aloe Vera

The aloe vera plant is such a familiar healing necessity. 

You may normally use it for skin benefits.

However, its properties are perfect for your locs as well. 

We love aloe vera because it's great for growing your locs, reducing itchiness in your scalp, and strengthening your hair from root to tip. 

Aloe vera is actually one of the main ingredients inside of OOLI’s Cleanse Your Mane Shampoo

This natural shampoo gets rid of all the product buildup in your locs. 

And the aloe vera does a bomb job at hydrating your hair. 


Sorrel may be your hair’s long-lost friend…


Sorrel is actually from the Hibiscus plant. We love it because it’s rich in alpha-hydroxy. 

It’s safe to say that sorrel is the queen of nurturing hair that’s damaged, lacking growth, breakage, itchiness, and MORE! 

It’s also great for bringing back shine to dull hair. 

Sorrel is the star of OOLI’s Bless Up Your Locs Hair Oil. 

This light hair oil gets the job DONE by promoting hair growth, reducing split ends, restoring damaged hair, and adding shine! 

It’s literally heaven in a bottle for your locs.

Rice Protein 

Who doesn’t love a good shine to their locs? 

If you do, rice protein is the absolute best ingredient for delivering shine. 

And if you’re into tons of volume, rice protein has you covered. 

OOLI’S Clarify Your Mane Clarifying Shampoo is infused with fermented rice water.

You’ll be amazed at how this amazing ingredient nurtures your hair follicles for the ultimate growth. 

Baobab Seed Protein 

When we think of Baobab Seed Protein, we think of hair repair at its finest. 

And that’s because this particular ingredient is packed with amino acids.

So, if you’re looking to improve the strength of your locs, Baobab Seed Protein is the answer. 

Additionally, it’s great for getting rid of annoying frizziness while also leaving your hair softer than ever before! 

The elements inside of Baobab Seed Protein definitely come in handy inside of OOLI’s Loc’d & Loaded Loc Gel, where it nourishes your locs and scalp. 

The Baobab Seed Protein will make you feel as though you have FRESH, new locs every time you use our loc gel. 

Now, tell us, do you plan to check out any of these ingredients inside of OOLI's products?

If so, drop in the comments to share. We’d love to know.
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