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3 Gorgeous Loc Styles for New Year’s Eve

3 Gorgeous Loc Styles for New Year’s Eve

Believe it or not, your new year’s resolutions and your trip to the mall to grab a poppin’ outfit for New Year’s Eve can wait…

Well, at least until you’ve settled on the perfect loced style to toast the night away into 2022.

Look, New Year’s Eve is all about reflecting on memories from the past year. 

So, why not add to those memories with a timeless loced hairstyle? 

We’ve picked out three gorgeous styles to spark some inspiration for you: 

  1. Loc Petals
Loc petals are not only stylish but they’re versatile. 

    If you’re simply looking to try something different, you can start by creating loc petals using the two-strand twist technique. 

    However, if you want to take things up a notch to ring in the new year, you may consider styling your locs in a beautiful petal ponytail or petal bun.

             2. Loc Faux Hawk 


    Rocking the night away with an edgy loced faux hawk sounds like a magical way to celebrate the old and welcome the new.

    A loced faux hawk is a fun, spicier look that’s also quite simple to do yourself.

    If you have short locs, a loced faux hawk is perfect for you. 

    1. Loc Bow 

    Loc bows are by far one of the cutest loc styles out there! 

    And they’re perfect for a night out with friends. 

    All you need are a few hair ties to achieve this look. Simply determine which part of your hair that you’d like to style into a bow. 

    After securing your ponytail, divide the hair and style into a bow. Place the remaining hair that’s hanging into a hair tie. 

    And boom! You’re ready to enjoy the fireworks for the night. 

    Now, are you inspired to welcome 2022 in style? 

    If so, drop in the comments below to share which loced hairstyle you’re loving the most! 

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