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How to Take Care of Your Locs in the Winter

How to Take Care of Your Locs in the Winter

Are your locs suffering from a bit of winter blues? 

There could be several factors at play that are keeping your locs dull instead of full of life during the winter months. 

However, they don’t have to continually stay stuck in a season of dullness.

Keep reading for a few ways that you can take care of your dreadlocks during the winter. 

  1. Moisturize

Look, your locs aren’t exempt from becoming brittle. However, before they make it to that point, you’ve got to commit to moisturizing them. 

We love using OOLI Beauty’s Bless Up Your Locs Hair Oil to prevent brittleness from ever making an appearance. 

This rich, yet light hair oil nourishes your locs from root to tip with alpha-hydroxy acids, amino acids, Vitamin C, and MORE! 

  1. Decrease Your Washing Days 

We’ve got to burst this myth: 

You don’t have to wash your locs every day. 

You’re actually doing your hair more harm than good if you do. 

The best solution for less stress over product build-up is OOLI Beauty’s Clarify Your Mane Clarifying Shampoo. 

This clarifying shampoo is a dream come true when it comes to getting rid of ALL the gunk that seems to make its way into your locs. 

So, instead of stressing about washing your locs every day, use this cleanser as needed to instantly feel refreshed. 

  1. Start Palm Rolling 

Your locs are bound to meet a case of the frizzies during the winter. 

Fortunately, there’s a solution! 

Palm rolling is a great way to keep all that frizziness away. 

We recommend palm rolling with OOLI Beauty’s Loc’d & Loaded Loc Gel. 

Not only is this gel perfect for loc lovers, but it also adds tons of shine. 

Here’s the thing though:

Only palm roll once a month. If you frequently palm roll, your locs will start breaking off. 

And no one has time for that. Right? 

  1. Make Friends With Olive Oil 

Cozy up with some olive oil. 

While olive oil is great to use during any time of the year, it’s especially perfect for the winter months. 


Because it keeps frizziness and dryness at bay. 

Looking to really amplify your locs with olive oil? 

Grab your palm roll, some of OOLI Beauty’s Loc'd in Love Hair Fragrance, and olive oil. 

Not only will you love the scent of the Loc’d in Love Hair Fragrance but you’ll also love how it promotes thickness strengthened your hair. It also seals in moisture with pure olive oil. 

Now, don’t keep these tips a secret. 

Share with your friends! 

We’re sure they’d like to step out of the winter blues as well. 


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