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How to Combat Dryness, Breakage, and Thinning

When you finally have the locs of your dreams, the last thing you want to constantly experience is thinning, breakage, or dryness. 


However, if you start to see any of these, don’t stress! 

Stressing can only make things worse, especially in terms of thinning and breakage. 

Take a deep breath instead and discover how you can combat dryness, breakage, and thinning altogether. 

There’s actually ONE word that sets the foundation for thriving locs:


Now, while you don’t have to moisturize your locs every day, it’s still essential to prevent breakage and dryness. 

Because who wants an irritated dry scalp or more breakage than growth?

No one, of course!

These are just a few reasons why OOLI’s Bless Up Your Locs Hair Oil is a popular OOLI favorite. 

It’s made with Jamaican Sorrel, a light hair oil that reduces dry scalp and helps with hair breakage. 

Find out more about Bless Up Your Locs Hair Oil here. 

If you want to stop your breakage in its tracks, remember not to over-twist your locs or wear tight styles. 

Tighter styles can also lead to thinning. 

Thinning locs can also be the result of a lack of nutrients, stress, loc styles that create tension, or improper hair coloring. 

If you want to prevent or stop your locs from thinning, take a closer look at your lifestyle and how you’re treating your hair overall. 

Around here, we love using OOLI Beauty’s Magic 17 Hair & Scalp Oil to prevent thinning. 

The star ingredient is sunflower seed oil. It’s perfect for preventing thinning and breakage. 

Ylang Ylang Essential is also infused in OOLI’s Magic 17 Hair & Scalp Oil to reduce tension and stress on your scalp. 

Find out more about Magic 17 Hair & Scalp Oil here. 

Hopefully, these tips are helpful for you!

By the way, we’re cooking up something hot for you! 

We’re super excited about introducing you to an incredible new hair vitamin that contains ashwagandha, an ingredient that strengthens hair and prevents hair loss.

OOLI Beauty’s new hair vitamin is in the works for early 2022. 

Visit to be among the first to know when this exciting hair vitamin drops!

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