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Work Day Blues: 5 Work-Friendly Dreadlock Hairstyles

Work Day Blues: 5 Work-Friendly Dreadlock Hairstyles

An Introduction to Work-Friendly Dreadlock Styles

Alright my fellow lovers of all things natural. Welcome to 2019 where the professional playing field is drastically changing when it comes to appearance. You remember when it was nearly impossible to get a job if you had an afro, braids, or any other ethnic hairstyle? Sadly, the discrimination was a real thing back in the day. Fortunately, things are taking a turn for the better. I went to an interview a month ago and the man who interviewed me did not even look like he ran a comb through his hair.   

Now, every place is probably not quite as lax, but styles like dreadlocks are becoming more common in the workplace. Despite being more widely accepted, it is still frowned upon to just come in with your roots looking extremely bushy. Now, don’t get me wrong. You can wear your dreads down and be in good shape. It’s just that “messy” look that has people turn their nose up in the workplace. Our suggestion? Improvise. Take a look below at some of the best work-friendly dreadlocks styles that you can do in under ten minutes.

 Work-Friendly Loc Hairstyles

Fancy Pony

The key thing to make dreads neat is to try to keep it out of your face. Think about it. Doesn’t a person appear to be more well-groomed when their hair is pulled back? With that in mind, it’s good to give that type of impression with your hair. The easiest thing is to pull your dreads back into a ponytail. The power of the ponytail is that it shows your face and gives you a clean, fresh look. In this particular example, we have a slight pompadour at the top that goes back into a ponytail. For an added touch, the base of the ponytail is wrapped around with other dreads, creating a very classy look and is an extremely work-friendly dreadlock hairstyle!

 Work-Friendly Loc Hairstyles

Twisted Bun

Next up in our work-friendly dreadlocks hairstyles is the twisted bun. Here, the dreads are flat twisted in the front into rows, then pull up at the top of the hair for a bun. For added flavor, the individual dreads were twisted first before being twisted into the bun. If you’re trying to save time, just do a regular wrap around bun instead.



Work-Friendly Loc Hairstyles


Looking for something a bit more head-turning? Well, try curling your dreadlocks to give yourself a new look. You have a few options with this. One is by getting the hair damp, and then braiding to the scalp into cornrows. The longer you leave them in, the tighter the wave will be. Don’t want to walk around with braids? No problem! Perm rods will work in your hair just like they do for anyone else. The same goes for flexirods.



Work-Friendly Loc Hairstyles

Men have it a little easier. The main things is to keep those roots in check and keep the hair out of the face. In this case, this gentleman appears to have half of his dreadlocks pulled back into a ponytail and the rest are hanging down. Nothing fancy, yet very professional work-friendly dreadlock hairstyle!


What’s your favorite work hairstyles for dreadlocks? Tell us about it in the comments!


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