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5 Ways To Maintain Healthy Locs In Winter

5 Ways To Maintain Healthy Locs In Winter

Winter is rushing in quicker than we could have imagined. It's time to prepare your locs to go face-to-face with the big chill. Witnessing your locs, which you've put time and love into, endure breakage because of the colder weather is enough to make even the toughest of us shed a few tears. We're here to help prevent that! If you're questioning what to do to keep Winter breakage away, check out our 5 tips to prevent loc breakage this winter.


1. Switch Up Your Maintenance Routine

Different seasons call for different loc care routines. Less moisture in the air means the way you keep your locs juicy may have to adjust. This drier weather calls for fewer wash days, moisture retention techniques, and more attention to your scalp care. Worried about build-up? Try OOLI Beauty’s Wash Day Bundle!

2. Moisture is Key!

Locs generally call for some deep moisture to keep them thick and healthy. The transition into Winter is your queue to adjust your moisturization technique and routine. You want to be sure you're using heavier butters and oils to retain as much moisture as you can to prevent breakage.


3. Limit Covering Your Locs

We all love a cute head wrap or hat and scarf combo. However, that is one of the quickest ways to breakage during Winter. The constant friction over time can suck the moisture out of your hair, disturb your locs, and also cause lint build-up, which can be a pain. If covering up is your thing, moisturize your locs well and opt for silk or silk-lined accessories.


4. Low Tension Hairstyles

It's always a moment when you get that fresh retwist or try that new fly style. In the Winter, being mindful of how much tension you're putting on your hair will be a game changer for saving your locs. Your hair will already be more prone to breakage because of the colder weather. Protect your locs, and your edges, from the dry air by picking styles that have minimal tension and allow you to care for your hair the best you can.

5. Your Scalp Matters

We've talked enough about how to care for your hair, but caring for your scalp is equally important. The health of your hair is closely related to how healthy your scalp is. Winter air can cause your scalp dryness, irritation, and a bunch of other issues. In your maintenance routines, make sure to spend some time thoroughly cleaning, oiling, and massaging your scalp. Not sure what to use for scalp care? Take a look at OOLI Beauty's Bless Up Your Locs Nourishing Hair Oil!

There's no gatekeeping here—we're always here to help. Feel free to share Winter care tips you've learned for your locs!

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