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Why Sustainability in the Beauty Industry is Important

Why Sustainability in the Beauty Industry is Important

The beauty industry has come quite a long way…And nope, we’re not talking about the latest trendy colors on the makeup aisles or the variations of face masks out there. 

We’re talking about sustainability. 

Because, at the end of the day, if there’s no intentionality behind making products consumer and environmental friendly then we’ve got a problem. 

So, how is sustainability made possible? Well, there are several ways. Let’s get into them: 

Getting rid of toxic ingredients 

Fortunately, more people are educating themselves about the dangers of carcinogens and other toxic ingredients that can be found in some beauty products. 

And now that more people are indeed paying attention to the labels, more companies are making sure that they're giving consumers exactly what they want. 

This is why you’re seeing an increase in natural products in your favorite stores. 

Recycled Packaging 

Have you thought about all the plastic that the beauty industry produces? 

It’s A LOT. 

So, it’s critical to keep things under control with recycled packaging. 

This is one reason why there are more product packaging that’s labeled biodegradable or simply not wrapped in plastic at all. 

And if a product is wrapped in plastics, it may actually indicate on the product that the plastic is indeed recyclable. 

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing 

When it comes to eco-friendly manufacturing, it’s refreshing to see more people investing in natural products. 

Additionally, it’s also great to see companies be intentional about not using synthetic ingredients in their products. 

Here at OOLI, we’re super keen on banning toxic ingredients and being leaping bunny approved. 

We’re also excited about getting our certification and embracing eco-friendly manufacturing. 

Toxic ingredients are a NO for us! 

Now, tell us, what are your thoughts about the trek to more sustainability in the beauty industry? 

Drop in the comments and let us know.

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