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These Celebrities Will Inspire Your Loc Journey

These Celebrities Will Inspire Your Loc Journey

Need a bit of inspiration on your loc journey? 

Well instead of watching the latest tutorial by your favorite YouTuber, get inspired by a few celebrities who are dominating the loc space. 

We’re sharing a few who are always wowing us with their timeless locs. 

Ava Duvernay 

Not only is Ava’s work on the big screen beautiful, but her locs are as well. 

We love her choice of bold, yet elegant styles. 

Ava’s locs are eye-catching and Instagram-worthy, whether she’s rocking an updo or letter her dreadlocks run free. 

Lalah Hathaway 

Lalah has been wowing us with her locs since the 90’s. 

And she’s still going strong!

By the way, she’s never afraid of change. 

A while back, Lalah did a big chop that her fans absolutely loved. 

So, if you’re on the fence about a shorter style, Lalah is a great person to look up to. 

Chloe x Halle 

This dynamic singing duo has been rocking locs long before they were a household name. 

Both Chloe and Halle have had locs since they were kids. 

And these days, every time they step onto the red carpet or hit the stage, their loc style of choice tells a story. 

Nile Rodgers 

Not only is Nile Rodgers a music legend but he’s been on a loc journey for decades. 

And despite being known for his long locs, just like Lala Hathaway he’s not afraid of switching things up from time to time. 

Back in 2016, he tweeted that he cut off 8 inches of his hair. 

We love Nile for his boldness. 

His classic musical style is the perfect match for his locs. 

Ace Hood 

Looking to grow your locs extremely long? 

Let rapper, Ace Hood inspire the way. 

Over the years, we’ve seen Ace Hood locs grow with his unique swag. 

So, if you’re wondering if it’s possible to maintain healthy, long locs, he’s your answer. 

If you’re consistent with your hair routine and invest in an experienced loctician, then we have no doubts that your dreadlocks will be just as eye-catching. 

Now, we’ve got to know which celebrity’s locs inspire your loc journey the most? 

Let us know in the comments. 

By the way, we’re cheering you on to maintain beautiful locs! 

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