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The Recipe for Healthy Dreadlocks

Healthy dreadlocks

The Recipe for Healthy Dreadlocks is No Secret!

Locs is a hairstyle worn by many people around the world and it has a very identifiable appearance. It is more intricate than plaits, twists or braids, and each individual loc forms a spiral, interlocked pattern that grows that way down the length of the hair shaft.

As with many things to do with hair and beauty, opinions are varied and discussions are rampant in regards to the best methods, practices, types of locs, etc. However, one thing is universal. The recipe for healthy dreadlocks contain several ingredients and you can find them outlined below:

First, take two tablespoons of time to properly think about this decision. Locs require both commitment and dedication as it is generally a long-term hairstyle. You would also need to decide what type of locs you want installed and then you should gather as much information about it as possible.

Next, add some patience. One cup would be needed for the installation process and another might be also needed for the locking process. Depending on the type of locs you choose, you will either end up with instant locs or locs-in-progress. But either way, patience would be needed after installation for your locs to grow to the desired length and/or thickness.

Thirdly, maintenance and upkeep would also be needed post installation. Many persons with healthy dreadlocks allow them to grow unmolested for the most part, while persons with sisterlocks would require fixed saloon appointments. Just be prepared to lend a helping hand to Mother Nature so that your locs can thrive.

Then you can add a dash of styling to taste, and these can range from simple to elaborate. Social media such as Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest are very helpful resources that can be used to find inspiration and content. There are many DIY styles out there or you can also elect to have a professional style your tresses.

Finally, three of the most overlooked ingredients of a healthy dreadlocks recipe are exercise, water and food. These three promote hair health from the inside out since being healthy internally affects the quality of what the body produces externally.

Exercise has many benefits for the body, some of which include an improved cardiovascular system, lessened risk of sickness, better body functions, stress reduction and improved cells production. Our hair contains cells and our cells regenerate while we sleep. Exercise is known to improve sleep, thereby improving our bodies cell regenerating abilities. Exercise is also known to improve blood flow circulation and promote hair growth.

There is also a proven correlation between hair growth and the nutritional sustenance we intake. Hair is made up primarily of a protein called keratin, so eating protein-rich food can aid in hair health. Foods that are rich in iron, Vitamin B7 (Biotin), Omega-3 and Vitamin E will also have positive effects on your locs, as will drinking lots of water.

This recipe can be served warm or cool, and in whichever climate you reside in around the world. There is enough for everyone and following these steps will ensure you have beautiful healthy dreadlocks!

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  • Loved the article!! Just bought vitamins, checked to see it it contained the vitamins you mentioned. I only saw was vitamin E. Should I take a supplement???

    Victoria on

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