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How to Treat Dreads When Your Hair is Low Porosity

How to Treat Dreads When Your Hair is Low Porosity

Who knew hair could be a bit stubborn sometimes? Well, that can sometimes be the case if you have dreads that are low porosity. So, why can low porosity locs be a bit challenging sometimes? 

Simply because it's difficult for moisture to make its way into the air because of the fact that the cuticle is closed.

Essentially, your cuticle layer is tightly closed. 

Now, why does this matter? 

Because if your hair isn’t getting the moisture that it’s craving, your first instinct is to add MORE products to your locs. 

However, that’s not the answer. 

Adding heavy styling products to your low porosity locs will do your hair more harm than good. 

So, ditch all the random products that you’ve had for years…

And don’t even think about accepting random products from your friends that you know aren’t loc-friendly. 

More isn’t always better. 

You should reach for light oils instead. 

OOLI’s Bless Up Oil is perfect to treat low porosity locs. 

It’s packed with nourishing Jamaican Sorrel - which comes from the Hibiscus plant, so it’s super rich in alpha hydroxy.

And not only is it great for reducing itchiness and dryness of your scalp, but it’s also great for promoting hair growth and adding shine. 

Now, that’s a win! 

When it comes to low porosity locs, we also recommend using OOLI’s Clarify Your Mane Clarifying Shampoo. This shampoo is perfect for getting rid of all the product build-up in your locs. 

The result? 

Super clean and refreshing locs. 

We love our Clarify Your Mane Clarifying Shampoo because it’s infused with tea tree oil. 

Now, if you’re consistent with these two products, you’ll be on track to locking in moisture for your low porosity hair in no time. 

You’ll know when your low porosity locs are indeed healthy when you notice how your locs are shinier and stronger than before. 

Tell us, do you have low porosity locs? If so, what’s been your biggest challenge so far? 

We’d love to know.

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