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Are Dreadlocks Preferred Over Natural Hair?

Dreadlocks Versus Natural Hair

Dreadlocks Versus Natural Hair - Which is Preferred?

On our quest to find the answer to this question, we invited a few folks who have chosen locs, along with a favorite loctician, to lunch and simply asked, "Why locks over natural hair?" The initial answers varied but by the time we were done, each had conceded that the other person's' reasons for choosing locs over natural hair were all valid. 

The first reason we focused on was that it is easier. Locs are easier to manage and takes up less time in your daily routine as opposed to natural hair which can be quite unruly. Depending on your hair type and texture, you may have to spend hours sectioning and combing your natural hair. In some cases, applying heat might also be a necessity just to be able to manage your tresses. The persons around the table then reminisced about the ordeal of washing their natural hair and the battle for dominance afterwards. One participant likened the energy expended in the two experiences to a leisurely walk and a 10k run. With an obvious sense of gratification, they mused about no longer having to spend an hour in the mirror fixing their hair at mornings. 

Another reason that everyone agreed on quickly was that locs are versatile with less consequences for your hair after styling. Gone are the days when the word “locs” conjured up an image of natural hair splayed lazily across one's shoulder. Nowadays, people color their locs, style them in up-dos and let-downs and all with less damage to our hair than if they were natural. Don't be mis-lead; you will still have to take care of your locs. However, because the strands of your hair are locked together, it decreases breakage and allows for more creativity in styling. Finding a loctician to help you care for and style your locs is a worthwhile consideration.   

"I prefer my dreadlocks versus my natural hair because they grow thicker and longer,” one of the two males at the table said. Everyone else nodded their heads in agreement. When I asked why, the loctician explained that your locks grow thicker because the locked strands stop shedding hair from falling away. She also said that your locs grow longer because of the hair care and the practice of leaving your locs alone. This reduces the stress caused by the constant combing and brushing and heating which causes damage.  

Both men and women, old and young at the table agreed that they preferred their dreadlocks versus their natural hair because it simply looks better. When you maintain healthy locs, you get compliments about them daily. Random people just walk up to you and tell you that they love your locs. "Sometimes they want to touch them," one person said. "There is something about well kept locs that make people stop and look,” said another.  

Choosing locs over natural hair is comparable to getting an additional discount on a clearance sale item; you look good at a lower cost of time and energy. Locs are easier to maintain and take less time to care for. They are versatile, grow thicker and longer and look better. It then begs the question, "Why not locs over your natural hair?"  

So which do you prefer? Locs or loose natural hair? Tell us in the comments below.  

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